Technologies that enhance teaching and learning
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Interactive whiteboards

Multi-function teaching board combines whiteboard, touchscreen and projection screen but with lower cost. Its beige surface provides a comfortable visual experience

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E-learning software

Classroom management software with interactive teaching

Mythware classroom management software for Windows

Teaching & Learning in an interactive style is the jumping-off point of Mythware Classroom Management Software. Serving as a management platform for multimedia interactive teaching in computer classrooms, this classroom management software enables the instructor to control and manage the class effectively, supervise students activities and maintain a good order in class, and the students to learn, communicate and collaborate with each other and between groups.

Student side

PPT Show

Control multiple presentation from within application makes fast presenter changes and seamless continuity. View the current slide ,next and previous slide (or only the previous slide and current slide of larger windows ),slide notes and a timer simultaneously. Context -sensitive user interface appear when needed to control embedded media animations and staged slides. Set up an entire seminar of different presenters within a single ppt-show structure for a one touch start of each presentation. Color pen to easy remark on the presentation flies.


Docking stations

Mobile storage and charging carts

Easy way to transport, charge and store laptops and tablet devices

Movable charging and locable cabinets are specially designed for teachers. Trolley can store, secure and charge bigger amount of laptops or tablet devices. Top of trolley can be used for holding laptop, printer, monitor etc.

  • power and cable management
  • safe and secure
  • easy to move to classroom, building and campus
  • advanced digital timer (with programmable cycle times)


For 36 Devices

Tablets 11,6" laptops 14" laptops


For 36 Devices

Tablets 11,6" laptops 14" laptops 15" laptops


For 36 Devices



For 40 Devices

Tablets 11,6" laptops 14" laptops


For 40 Devices

Tablets 11,6" laptops 14" laptops 15" laptops

Smart podium systems

Indota smart podiums are the perfect addition to schools, colleges, universities, auditoriums, or any location where presentations are given. They provide a safe and convenient means to store and use a wide range of audio/visual equipment. Explore our e-podium range and discover how Indota can help you elevate the effectiveness of your lectures or presentations.

Teacher side


  • electric lift for varying heights from 990 mm to 1120 mm
  • integrated USB, VGA, microphone and light sockets
  • microphone and light control switch
  • optional side trays for laptop, ipad or projector
  • lockable castors
  • concealed cable management with cable loom at bottom
  • optional microphone and light available
Teacher side


  • 23" All-In-One PC
  • multitouch screen
  • both sides armrest makes better comfort of lecturer
  • integrated USB, VGA, HDMI port, net, audio, microphone and light sockets
  • electric lift for wide range adjustment
  • digital podium system enable user to write on an interactive monitor
  • microphone and light control switch
  • optional side trays for laptop, ipad or projector
  • lockable castors
Teacher side


  • comfortable 21.5“ wide screen resistive touch monitor
  • electronic pillar by button control with MIC and XLR Light socket
  • USB ports, DVD and multi-card reader
  • side table of A4 document space for holding a mouse or keyboard, with signal laptop switcher optionally
  • with PC inside and combined with presentation software

Teacher side


  • perfect, humanized, modern, beautiful styling as in design
  • the main interactive touch monitor can be tilt upwards manually and with electronic lift height adjustment
  • 19” rack cabinet, fully locked with IC card EM-lock; unlock with audio and AVA cable nook using only
  • aluminum materials with rounded edges
  • rotated 12” screen on the right side
  • pull-out side drawer can be modified for wheelchair person

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